Welcome to Connecting Touch–your oasis of serenity!

As soon as you walk in our door, you will be greeted warmly … literally, with a nice warm BodySense neck-ease.  One of our staff will greet you with a warm neck-ease to loosen any tense muscles and to start the relaxation process.
If you arrive early for your massage therapy appointment, you can relax in our quiet, comfortable waiting area.

You can choose from our array of teas, coffees and hot chocolate to enjoy before your massage therapy treatment.

At your appointment time, your licensed massage therapist will take you to one of our five massage therapy rooms.

Close your eyes and feel the soft music soothe your mind as the hands of our trained massage therapist soothe your tired and aching muscles.

You may also choose to indulge in a relaxing and therapeutic paraffin hand treatment, which can be scheduled before or after your massage appointment or by itself.

Connecting Touch is a 22-year-old company that specializes in massage therapy treatments for health and wellness. Connecting Touch offers massage therapy, Reiki treatments and paraffin hand treatments.

The center has several massage therapists on staff, all licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio to give you a high-quality therapeutic treatment.

Connecting Touch Paraffin roomprovides a warm and inviting environment for you to help you let go of the hectic pace of this hurry-up society in which we live. Whether you are suffering from an injury, a chronic condition or just stress from everyday life, you will walk away with a sense of peace and well-being.



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